Version 8.82 | Release date: February 2012

Main feature updates and enhancements include:

Automatic Import of Bank Statements

You can now import bank statements automatically into SAP Business One without installing the BTHF (Bank Transaction Handling Facility) add-on. Upgrading to SAP Business One 8.82 automatically removes any existing BTHF add-on.

Payment Wizard Enhancements

SAP Business One 8.82 enables you to use the payment wizard in a simpler way, and with more incorporated functions. Using the enhanced payment wizard function, you can now:

  • Define all selection criteria in the payment wizard. Note that the Payment Run Defaults – Setup window was removed.
  • Define payment methods in a simpler and clearer way
  • Handle bank charges in the payment wizard
  • Define projects for transactions
  • Sort and find transactions
  • Refresh the recommendation report
  • Simulate a payment summary before execution

Payment Order Run

SAP Business One 8.82 enables you to generate payment order rows in the payment wizard by executing a payment order run. In this way, after you install and start the Payment add-on, it is possible to generate electronic outbound bank files containing requests to your house bank to execute payment transactions without creating payment documents in SAP Business One.

Credit Memos Without Inventory Movement

You can create A/R and A/P credit memos that do not involve inventory movement, for example, if the delivered goods were damaged or destroyed during shipment and are therefore not returned. For this purpose, the A/R and the A/P credit memo windows contain the new Without Inv. Movement checkbox.

Credit Memos for Reserve Invoices

You can credit customers for A/R reserve invoices for which items have already been delivered. In SAP Business One, you can use the Copy To and Copy From functions to copy an A/R reserve invoice into an A/R credit memo.

Similarly, you can record a credit by vendors for A/P reserve invoices for which items have been returned. You can also use the Copy To and Copy From functions to copy an A/P reserve invoice into an A/P credit memo.

Posting Date for Goods Receipt POs and Goods Returns

When you are closing a goods receipt PO or a goods return document, you can now specify a date other than the Current System Date or the Original Document Date as the posting date.

Activity Enhancement

SAP Business One 8.82 includes the following activity-related features:

  • Duplicating the business partner activity
  • Selecting any business partner address as the activity address
  • Defining a monthly recurring activity on any day of a month, and an annually recurring activity on any day of any month
  • Assigning activities to employees that are not users

Displaying Employee Activities, Absence and Education on Calendar

You can now display employee activities, absence, and education on the calendar.

Blanket Agreements

SAP Business One 8.82 allows you to record blanket agreements to reflect long-term sales or purchasing agreements that you have negotiated with your business partners. You can create two types of blanket agreements:

  • General blanket agreements: For example, to obtain a special bonus at year-end or to achieve a defined turnover with the business partner.
  • Specific blanket agreements: Used to obtain a special discount for the individual sales or purchasing transaction. They are also used to determine a delivery schedule, for example, by defining the intervals that certain quantities of goods should be delivered.

You can link sales and purchasing documents to blanket agreements used as a basis for expected revenue forecasts, quantity reservation, and capacity planning. Furthermore, blanket agreements are involved in cash flow calculations and MRP runs.

Campaign Management

SAP Business One allows you to create, maintain, and analyze your marketing event information using the campaign management function. You can manage a promotional campaign by:

  • Creating and maintaining target groups
  • Creating a campaign using the Campaign Generation


  • Managing the campaign data
  • Generating leads and sales opportunities directly from a


  • Analyzing campaigns based on the Campaign List report

Logging Changes in Employee Master Data

Enables companies to comply with data privacy requirements. Changes to employee master data are tracked in SAP Business One. This feature was made available for the German localization in a previous release, and can now be used by all localizations. You can display the changes for employee master data records using the Change Log tool.

Serial and Batch Item Allocation Enabled in Pick and Pack

SAP Business One 8.82 allows you to allocate the serial and batch items to sales orders and A/R reserve invoices throughout the pick and pack process.

In addition, in the pick and pack process when you allocate the serial and batch items, you can now do the following:

  • View the status of the allocation of each serial or batch to the base sales order or A/R reserve invoice row and its pick list(s)
  • Update the allocation of each serial or batch to the base sales order or A/R reserve invoice row
  • Access the first pick list that is created for the sales order or A/R reserve invoice row and to which the serial or batch is allocated, and change the allocation if required

Note that it is now possible to print out the pick lists with the serial and batch information using the new Crystal Report layout.

Creating Deliveries and A/R Invoices in Pick and Pack

SAP Business One 8.82 enables you to create deliveries and A/R invoices throughout the pick and pack process. You have the following options:

  • Create Manual or Automatic Deliveries
    • Creating manual deliveries enables you to view and update the delivery documents before they are added. Creating automatic deliveries directly adds the delivery documents without opening them.
  • Create Manual A/R Invoices
    • Creating manual A/R invoices enables you to view and update the A/R invoice documents before they are added.

The created deliveries and invoices are now consolidated by the same ship-to name and the same ship-to description.

Note that in pick and pack, when you create a delivery based upon a sales order or A/R reserve invoice row, you can decide whether to have all the open rows in the sales order or A/R reserve invoice copied to the delivery or not.

Serial and Batch Item Allocation Enhancements

With SAP Business One 8.82, it is now possible to allocate serial items to the following documents:

  • Sales orders
  • A/R reserve invoices
  • Inventory transfer requests

In general, when you allocate serial or batch items, you can do the following:

  • For a serial item, you can see if it is allocated or not. If it is allocated, you can access the document to which it is allocated, and de-allocate it.
  • For a batch of item, you can view how many are allocated. You can access the first document to which the batch is allocated, and change the allocation there.

Pick and Pack Enhancements

Using pick and pack, you can now filter the sales order and A/R reserve invoice documents with enhanced selection criteria, including the user-defined fields. In addition, it is now possible to see more document details in the pick and pack manager, and in the pick list. For example, the user-defined fields, posting date, ship-to name, and ship-to description. The pick list print layout is enhanced to include these details.

Master Data Cleanup

In SAP Business One 8.82, master data cleanup provides administrators and power users an easy way to remove or deactivate master data that is not required anymore for the operations of the company. It provides also a log for the batch removal and deactivation process. With this enhancement, users are able to clear a range of high-volume used master data, including items, business partners, G/L accounts, projects, profit centers, and distribution rules, either by physically removing the master data or by deactivating it, without compromising the business logic integrity.

BP and Item Master Data Series

The master data series permits users to define number series for customer, vendor and item master data. Assisting in auto- assignment of master data numbers during creation, results in higher efficiency in maintaining, tracing and managing master data records.

Make to Order

SAP Business One 8.82 supports a demand-driven production approach, allowing a product to be scheduled and built based on a confirmed order received from a customer. To create a production order based on a sales order, you can use the procurement confirmation wizard, which guides you through the document creation process step by step. You can start the wizard by choosing the Procurement Document checkbox on the sales order, or directly from the Production module in the SAP Business One main menu.

In addition, in the production order you can see which sales order the document is related to.

Purchasing Cockpit

SAP Business One 8.82 provides a predefined purchasing cockpit that helps you to view and search purchasing data, and to organize and perform purchasing-related activities.

Dashboard Parameters

SAP Business One 8.82 allows you define and modify parameter sets for dashboards using the Dashboard Parameters window. You can create and maintain parameter sets in this window.

The following parameter set types are supported:

  • Single
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Multiple

Cash Flow Forecast Dashboard

The Cash Flow Forecast dashboard forecasts your company’s future cash on hand based on your transaction documents. Having cash account details lets you arrange payments in advance. By drilling down to period details, you are able to view large periodic incoming and outgoing transactions by business partners or by employees, and you can easily identify key payments and partners.

Purchase Quotations Dashboard

You can use the Purchase Quotations dashboard to monitor open purchase quotations. Using the filter, you are able to view open purchase quotations by selected vendor, item, buyer, and valid date. Using the dashboard, you can easily observe how vendors have responded to your quotations. For quotations with a response, you can proceed to compare quotations and close quotations.

MRP Enhancements

The Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module has been enhanced in the following ways:

MRP Wizard:

  • More document data sources for MRP calculation (for example, blanket agreements, recurring transactions, inventory transfer requests, and so on) and provision of flexible document selection
  • Significantly enhanced item and warehouse selection in the MRP run
  • Provision of extended control of item planning data when executing the MRP run
  • Expanded inventory level fulfillment options (maximum and required)
  • Enabled historical planning
  • Enabled automatic lead time calculation
  • Added future data display and calculation
  • Enhanced the wizard result display and recommendation report

Order Recommendations Report:

  • Enabled right-click menus for reports, which lets you investigate the item before you issue the recommended document
  • Enabled the option to select purchase quotations to be created instead of the recommended order
  • Enabled alerts for the recommendations

Inventory Transfer Request:
Inventory transfer request is a new document introduced into SAP Business One 8.82. You can now define inventory transfer request as an MRP recommendation type. This way, MRP will recommend inventory transfer between warehouses before recommending purchase orders or production orders.

Week Numbering:
Three options to calculate week numbering are provided in the Holiday Dates window. Your definition here will impact the presentation of MRP recommendations and forecasts based on weeks.


– Enhanced the item selection methods
– Enabled forecast generation based on sales history
– Provided Scale up/down buttons to adjust forecasted quantities