Version 8.81 | Release date: November 2010

Main feature updates and enhancements include:

Enhanced User Experience – Several new features greatly enhance the experience of SAP Business One users. The Cockpit provides you with a single, customizable starting point to quickly access all the tools and functions that you need to perform your tasks, along with Web integration and search facilities. In addition, each user can define their language and font preferences within SAP Business One, and an access log helps to ensure users are managed correctly. Improved support for dot matrix printers is also included.

Integration Component – New dashboards contain information you need for your daily work, and support for mobile devices allow you to access SAP Business One whenever and wherever you need it. Integration with third-party software provides even greater flexibility for your SAP Business One application.

Support for local requirements – SAP Business One 8.81 features expanded support for a variety of local tax and reporting requirements. The creation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS is now also possible within SAP Business One.

Reporting Capabilities – New reporting capabilities have been added, including additional reports for IFRS disclosure, cost accounting, and bank reconciliation. SAP Crystal Reports support has been extended to include add-ons within SAP Business One.

SEPA File Formats/BIC-SWIFT Code Support – You can now use standard XML files for SEPA euro credit transfers and direct debits. You can also edit the standard file formats if required to comply with your local bank requirements. BIC/SWIFT codes can be defined for each bank account you use, and all payment tools now use these codes.

Purchase Quotation and Procurement Confirmation Wizards – You can use the new purchase quotation generation wizard to create multiple purchase quotations for several vendors, for the same procurement. In addition, the new purchase quotation document allows you to create detailed requests for quotations from your vendors. You can record their terms in this document, and use a report to determine the best quotation. The new procurement confirmation wizard allows you to create single or multiple purchase orders or quotations from a single sales order.

Recurring activities and transactions – You can create and manage recurring transactions and activities for your business partners, to make your ongoing and typical interactions with them easier.

Tax Code Determination – You can create tax code determination rules that allow SAP Business One to assign tax codes automatically to line items in sales and purchasing documents.

Production Posting Enhancement – New offset accounts are available for postings made during the production process.