SAP Business One is generally ideal for companies who do under 10,000 transactions a day. With that parameter in mind the size of the business who uses SAP Business One varies widely. There are businesses who have only a handful of employees and some with a few hundred – all running SAP Business One as their primary ERP software. There are also companies who do well over 100,000 transactions a day also using SAP Business One, so the ‘limitations’ are really based on the nature of the business.

There are 3 types of the same SAP software, and the one best suited for the business is determined by the size, complexity, and transactional load of the company.

The 3 types of SAP Software are:

  • SAP Business One
    The vast majority of all businesses are best suited for running SAP’s Business One solution.
  • SAP All-in-One
    A much smaller percentage of large enterprises are suited best for SAP All-in-One. Companies who run this software include Starbucks.
  • SAP R/3
    Only the largest brands in the world run SAP R/3; including Coca-Cola, Verizon, and Apple.

Below an illustration of who uses which SAP solution: