In SAP Business One in order to include an item in MRP, the item must have these properties:

  • Must have the Inventory Item and Purchase Item BOTH checked
  • Must not have manage by warehouse checked – If you need to manage items by warehouse, MRP will not look at MINS and MAXS for MRP but when doing MRP you will build Scenarios per warehouse. A bit more detailed to manage but in some scenarios is needed.
  • Must have minimum and maximum order quantity – Not needed but highly recommended when have more then a few hundred products to manage.
  • Have a preferred Vendor chosen for each item.
  • Update Order Intervals and Order Multiple based on each items purchase sizes.

1) Item must be set to Active. The active/inactive selection can be found on the Item Master Data screen General tab:

Item Master Data Is Active

2) Both the Inventory Item and Purchase Item checkboxes must be checked to be considered for MRP:

Must Have Inventory Item And Purchase Item Checked

3) On the Item Master Data screen Planning Data tab the Planning Method must be set to MRP:

Planning Method Is MRP