For any businesses running SAP Business One a maintenance and support fee is due between now and December 15th. SAP maintenance and support provides you with:

  • Software upgrades & enhancements
  • New releases, patches, and security updates




The annual maintenance fee is 18% of the software contract value, which is the total value of the named user licenses, plus 3.3%.


  • You have 5 professional users which cost $3,213 each
  • 5 x $3,213 = $16,065
  • The maintenance fee is 18% of $16,065 ($2,891.70)
  • 3.3% of $2,891.70 is $95.43
  • Your total maintenance fee is $2,987.13


What happens if I do not pay the annual maintenance fee?

If you do not pay the fee you will not be able to upgrade your software or receive support from SAP. Additionally, you won’t receive important security upgrades and patches which will leave your software vulnerable and non-compliant.

How do I pay the annual maintenance fee?

For assistance calculating and paying your annual fee, call (813) 321-1300 or send an email.