In reference to SAP the acronym DTW stands for Data Transfer Workbench.

The SAP Data Transfer Workbench is a tool for automatic transfer of data into the system, and is particularly useful for large amounts of data. It helps ensure that data is transferred efficiently and that it’s consistent.

Note: The DTW is designed for the initial migration of data, so if you’re wanting to transfer data repeatedly on a schedule there are other tools more suitable for that.


The Data Transfer Workbench provides the following functions:

  • Administration and organization of data transfer projects
  • Tools for analyzing the required SAP structures
  • Integration of standard data transfer programs
  • Registration and integration of your own data transfer programs and help programs
  • Various techniques for loading data

The data is loaded into your system using one of these methods:

  • BAPI interface
  • Batch input
  • Direct input (DINP)
  • Data conversion using the Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW).