As of SAP Business One 8.8, each license is localization-specific. The different scenarios and their respective licensing policies are as follows:

  • Single country – the customer uses SAP Business One in one country only. In this case, the license is generated for the specific country and the customer can create or access SAP Business One companies belonging to that localization only.
  • Multiple countries – the customer has offices in more than one country and uses SAP Business One in the different locations, with each location having a different database set to a different localization. In such a case the following options are available:

License file per country – a country-specific license file (as described above) is generated for each country, according to the country’s requirements (number of users, type of users, and so on). You can install the different license files on the same server; to do so, you must have a different installation for each location. If one database server is used for companies of different countries, the users are licensed to access companies belonging to the licensed localization only.

This licensing model is also applicable in cases where a customer extends the business from one country to an additional country.

Example: A customer has offices in Germany and Austria. In each country, there are SAP Business One companies with their respective localizations. The SAP Business One companies are located on the same server in Germany.

The customer receives two license files: one for the users and the SAP Business One company belonging to the office in Germany, and the other for the users and the SAP Business One company belonging to the office in Austria. The users in Germany are able to access only the German SAP Business One company, and the users in Austria are able to access only the Austrian SAP Business One company.

Global license – this license file enables you to access and create SAP Business One companies in all localizations supported by SAP Business One. This license is mainly for large customers that have branches in many different countries, and require constant access to the SAP Business One companies in different localizations.

Note: Customers who upgrade from release versions prior to SAP Business One 8.8, and who signed their initial SAP Business One contract with SAP before January 1, 2010, receive the global license even if their company is in a single location.