Use the following shortcut keys to process sales and purchasing documents quickly.

Shortcut Keys in Sales and Purchasing:

Function Menu Command
Shortcut Key
Display a base document Goto > Base Document Ctrl + N
Display a target document Goto > Target Document Ctrl + T
Display detailed row information Goto > Row Details Ctrl + L
Display the Payment Means window Goto > Payment Means Ctrl + Y
Display the Gross Profit window Goto > Gross Profit  Ctrl + G
Display the Volume & Weight Calculation window of delivered items  Goto > Volume and Weight Calculation  Ctrl + W
 Generate the Transaction Journal report  Goto > Transaction Journal…  Ctrl + J
 Position the cursor in the Business Partner Code field  Goto > Business Partner Code  Ctrl + U
 Move to the first row in the table  Goto > First Row  Ctrl + H
 Move to the last row in the table  Goto > Last Row  Ctrl + E
 Proceed to the Remarks field  Goto > Remarks Ctrl + R
 Display the serial/batch number-related information  Goto > Batch/Serial Numbers  Ctrl + Tab in the Quantity field
 Display a list of alternative items  Goto > Alternative Items Ctrl + Tab in the Item Number field
 Display the item allocation in a warehouse Goto > Warehouse Balance Report  Ctrl + Tab in the Whse field