The table below shows the meaning of the abbreviations for transaction types found in SAP Business One. The transaction type is listed in the Origin field of the Journal Entry window in addition to other places throughout B1.


Transaction Type Abbreviation
Opening Balance OB
Closing Balance BC
Journal Entry JE
Delivery DN
Return RE
A/R Invoice IN
A/R Invoice + Payment IN
A/R Reserve Invoice IN
A/R Debit Memo IN
A/R Invoice Exempt IN
A/R Bill IN
A/R Exempt Bill IN
A/R Export Invoice IN
A/R Down Payment Invoice DT
A/R Credit Memo CN
Goods Receipt PO PD
Goods Return PR
A/P Invoice PU
A/P Reserve Invoice PU
Internal Invoice PU
A/P Debit Memo PU
A/P Down Payment Invoice DT
A/P Credit Memo PC
Landed Costs IF
Incoming Payment RC
Deposit DP
Postdated Credit Voucher Deposit DD
Outgoing Payments PS
Checks for Payment CP
BoE – Deposit to Paid BT
Goods Issue SO
Goods Receipt SI
Inventory Transfer IM
Inventory Posting ST
Inventory Revaluation MR
Production Order PW
Receipt from Production SI
Issue for Production SO
Journal Reconciliation JR
Correction Invoice CI