Purchasing / Logistics

Step 1 – Set up your Warehouses

SAP > Administration > Set Up > Inventory > Warehouses

Warehouses Setup Window, SAP

Note: If you use the Street / PO Box Field as the Warehouse Name, the Purchase Orders will include the Warehouse name as well as the address

Step 2 – Enter the default GL Account Determination for each Warehouse

Warehouses Setup Window, SAP


Step 3 – Define the Page Layout

Open Purchase Orders (Purchasing A/P – Purchase Orders)

From the Menu Bar – choose “Form Settings”

Purchase Order Blanket Window, SAP

Note: This change is user specific – each user will need to do this … or we can do a system wide update, but all users must be logged out of SAP


From the “Form Settings” menu > Choose the “Table Format” Tab > Check “Whse” > Ok

Purchase Order Blanket Window, SAP

Note: if you want to change the location of where “Whse” appears on your form layout… simply click and hold on the cell named “Whse” and when a box appears, and move the cell to where you want it to land, let go of the click .. and it will move the cell

You should now be back at the Purchase Order Window


You will notice that the “Whse” column is now added into your form layout

Purchase Order Blanket Window, SAP

This warehouse is a drop down box, the drop down choices are pulled from the Inventory Warehouse Set up, you did in Step 1

Once you’ve selected the “Whse” it auto populates the Ship To field on the Logistics tab