SDK stands for Software Deveopment Kit and is a set of software development tools that allow developers to to extend or customize a particular software, in this case: SAP Business One.

The User Interface API enables developers to amplify SAP B1 by creating new windows, redesigning existing windows, adding menus. Changes can be as simple as hiding or disabling a field, or as complex as adding a new type of menu, windows and so on to SAP B1. The API provides access to system events that occur in the B1 client.

The Data Interface API BAL layer that allows developers to customize and links with SAP B1 and external apps. By providing a programmatic interface to SAP B1 thru a set of functional objects, API gives you the power to connect applications and automate processes. The API can be used separately and independently from SAP B1 frontend to access a profile from within the SAP SDK, enabling users to create real-time extensions to existing system or other external apps.

The interesting part of SAP SDK is that it has extensibility to work with Java and .Net. It provides a ‘Java Based Connector’ which can be used as similar to integrating with other apps to work with Java for Java developers.

Additionally, SAP B1 could be extended and customized using any of the below IDE to be flexible:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 (Visual Basic, Visual C++)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio.NET (C#, Visual Basic.NET, and ASP.NET)
  • Java Eclipse
  • Other Java IDE(s)


Downloadable PDF: Choosing the Right Business Objects SDK