As of SAP Business One 9.0, you can record transactions of fixed assets in marketing documents. You can cancel the marketing documents with fixed assets shown in the table below. Creating these marketing documents results in the creation of fixed asset documents. Therefore, when canceling these documents, the corresponding fixed asset documents are also canceled.

Marketing Document Fixed Asset Document
A/P Invoice
A/P Credit Memo
Capitalization credit memo
A/R Invoice


Canceling marketing documents with fixed assets may result in a status change of the fixed assets. For example, if a fixed asset has been fully retired with an A/R invoice, cancellation of this A/R invoice resets the fixed asset status from Inactive to Active; and if you made the first acquisition of a fixed asset with an A/P invoice, cancellation of this A/P invoice resets the fixed asset status from Active to New.

Cancellation Rules

You can cancel a marketing document with fixed assets after you have canceled all the following documents sequentially from the latest asset value date:

  • Marketing documents and payments based on this marketing document
  • Subsequent manual depreciations of these fixed assets

Note: Subsequent automatic depreciations as a result of depreciation runs do not prevent you from canceling marketing documents with fixed assets. Therefore, you are recommended to execute another depreciation run to adjust the fixed asset value after cancellation.

  • Subsequent fixed asset documents of these fixed assets, including capitalizations, capitalization credit memos, and retirements