In the Document Settings window, by selecting and deselecting the Display Canceled and Cancellation Marketing Documents in Reports checkbox, you can determine whether or not to report canceled and cancellation documents. However, certain reports are exempt from the setting of this checkbox: some always report canceled and cancellation documents, and the others never report canceled and cancellation documents.

Note: If a canceled document and its cancellation document have different posting dates, especially when the documents are in different posting periods, you may encounter either of the following situations:

  • The canceled and cancellation documents are reported separately.
  • The cancellation document is not reported while the canceled document has already been reported.

We recommend that you take these possibilities into consideration when making relevant settings, canceling a document, and creating reports.

The reports listed below are not affected by the Display Canceled and Cancellation Marketing Documents in Reports checkbox:

Reporting Both Canceled and Cancellation Documents

  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet Budget Report
  • Balance Sheet Comparison
  • Budget Report
  • Cash Flow Reference Report
  • Document Journal
  • General Ledger
  • Inventory Aging Report (Available for Poland)
  • Inventory Audit Report
  • Inventory Posting List
  • Inventory Valuation Simulation Report (Inventory Valuation Report if your company manages non-perpetual inventory)
  • Locate Exceptional Discount in Invoice
  • Locate Journal Transaction by Amount Range
  • Locate Journal Transaction by FC Amount Range
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Profit and Loss Statement Budget Report
  • Profit and Loss Statement Comparison
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • SP Commission by Invoices in Posting Date Cross-Section
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Transaction Journal Report
  • Transaction Report by Projects
  • Trial Balance
  • Trial Balance Budget Report
  • Trial Balance Comparison

Reporting Neither Canceled nor Cancellation Documents

  • Backorder
  • Customer Receivables Aging
  • Dunning History Report
  • Open Items List
  • Vendor Liabilities Aging