To print many AR Invoices, for different Business Partners at once follow the instructions below:

Note: this process works the same for any document type needed, in our example we’re choosing an AR Invoice.

1) Choose the “Document Type” by choosing the drop down arrow (we chose: A/R Invoices)
2) Choose the Series Type
3) Choose if you want to include Batch Information
4) Choose if you want to only see “Open” Documents
5) We normally Uncheck the “Only Documents Still to be Printing” so we see ALL Documents
6) Choose your Posting Date Range, or leave blank for all
7) You can also Choose a Range of Document Numbers in the “Internal Number From fields”
8) Choose the No. of Copies you want to print


You can randomly choose Invoices by using the CNTRL Key


Or Choose a Range of Invoices by using the Shift Key


Then press “Print”  if you want to Print

Or you can “Print Preview” if you want to look at it before Printing