The licensing mechanism in SAP Business One consists of the following components:

  • License server – manages license requests; and can be installed on any computer in the organization
  • License file – generated by SAP on request; and contains the licenses you have purchased plus other relevant information
  • External API – enables partners and third parties to retrieve information from the license server using public interfaces. For more information, see the SAP Business One SDK Help Center. Note

As of SAP Business One 8.8, the license server functions also as a security server. For more information, see Managing Security in SAP Business One in the SAP Business One Administrator’s Guide.

Method of Operation

SAP Business One workstations read the name of the license server to which they connect from the SLIC table in the SBO-COMMON database. All company databases sharing an SBO-COMMON database use the same license file. In addition, several SBO-COMMON databases can point to the same license server.