The table below shows the keyboard shortcuts for SAP Business One sales and purchasing documents. Keyboard shortcuts can help you navigate the SAP Business One platform faster and more efficiently.

Task Shortcut
Calculate gross profit
Ctrl + G
Specify a payment method
Ctrl + Y
Calculate volume and weight
Ctrl + W
Open base document
Ctrl + N
Open target document
Ctrl + T
Go to business partner code field
Ctrl + U
Go to the Remarks field
Ctrl + R
Choose a serial number for an item
Ctrl + Tab in Item Quantity field
Check the latest prices
Ctrl + Tab in Item Price field
Display alternate items
Ctrl + Tab in Item No. field
Copy an amount when entering a payment
After clicking the moneybag icon to specify an incoming payment, press Ctrl + B to copy the amount into the document
Open Item By Warehouse report
Ctrl + Tab in Whse field