1) Navigate to: Banking > Outgoing Payments > Void Checks for Payment.

The Void Checks for Payments – Selection Criteria window appears.

2) Specify the required parameters and choose OK.

The Void Checks for Payment window appears.

3) Select the checks to be voided.

Note: When selecting a check that is one of several checks created through the same outgoing payment document, all additional checks created through this outgoing payment document are automatically selected and will be voided.

4) Specify the date to be considered as the check’s cancellation date.

5) Choose Void.

6) When asked whether you want to void the selected checks, choose Continue to void the checks.


The Voiding Checks for Payment window appears, displaying the selected checks. The Cancelled column indicates whether the check was voided or not.

The selected checks are voided, and the appropriate journal entries are created. The word Cancelled is recorded in the Journal Remarks field in the Checks for Payment window.

The Details field in the journal entry created contains the following text: Reverse Entry for Check No.XXX.