This window displays a list of the records that the application copied, failed to copy, or did not copy for a selected object when copying data to a target. You can use this window to review possible errors that may occur for specific records during the quick copy process. For records that the application failed to copy or did not copy, this window includes descriptions of the possible causes and links to relevant help topics.

To open this window, do the following:

1) From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose: Administration > System Initialization > Implementation Center > Implementation Tasks.

2) In the Implementation Tasks window, click Copy Data Between Companies. The Quick Copy window appears.

3) In the menu bar, choose: Quick Copy > Open Log File.

4) In the Quick Copy Log Manager window, double-click the corresponding row for the copy process that you want to view.

5) In the Quick Copy Log Category Details window, in the Details column, click the corresponding link arrow of the object for which you want to view records. The Quick Copy Log Instance window appears.


Record Key/Instance Number
Displays the record key.

Indicates whether the application successfully copied the record, failed to copy the record, or did not copy the record.

Provides an explanation for why the application failed to copy or did not copy a record.
Note: For records that the application copied successfully, this field is empty.