The Window menu is located in the main menu bar on the top of the main SAP Business One screen:

Window Menu in SAP Business One 9.0

To understand the functions of the Window menu of SAP Business One use the chart below:


What does it do?

Cascade Arranges all the currently open windows so that they partially overlap each other.
Close All Closes all open windows with the exception of Main Menu.
Color Lets you choose a color for the active window.
Main Menu (Ctrl + 0) Sets the SAP Business One Main Menu as the active window.This is useful if you have closed Main Menu accidentally, or need to bring it to the top of a number of open windows.
Messages/Alerts Overview Displays the Messages/Alerts Overview window, which shows your E-mail, SMS, and fax messages, and your alerts.
Calendar Displays the Calendar, so that you can view your meetings, telephone calls, and other activities.
System Messages Log Displays the System Messages Log window where you can see the last error messages, according to the definition in the General Settings window.You can select whether to display all types of messages, error messages, warnings, or information messages only.


In addition, when you open a new window, its name is added to the Window menu. You can then activate the window from that menu. To switch between two or more open windows, press Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, and so on depending on the number of open windows.