The Tools menu is located in the main menu bar on the top of the main SAP Business One screen:


To understand the functions of the Tools menu of SAP Business One use the chart below:

Option/Shortcut What does it do?
Layout Designer Lets you assign layouts or printing sequences for printing. The option is available when most document types or reports are active.
Preview External Crystal Reports File Lets you preview reports or layouts, created with the Crystal Reports software, that you have not yet imported into SAP Business One.
Form Settings (Ctrl + Shift + S) Displays the Form Settings Window containing a list of all the fields, rows, and tables that you can arrange in any particular window.The options available to each window depend on the window itself. For example, row and table options are available in sales and purchasing documents.
Change Log Tracks changes to the authorization system and to different documents and master data in SAP Business One.
Access Log Displays the access activity of SAP Business One users.
Queries Used to display and organize system and user-defined queries, run the Query Manager, and select a print layout for a query.
My Menu Organize or add new options to the user menu.
My Shortcuts Select Customize to define your own shortcuts to frequently used windows in SAP Business One, or select one of the previously defined shortcuts.
User-Defined Values (Shift + F2) Enter values, originating from a predefined search process, to any field in SAP Business One (including user-defined fields).
User-Defined Windows Displays and manages user-defined windows, which contain additional fields that your business might require for day-to-day activities.
Customization Tools Displays a list of user-defined tables you have previously created in SAP Business One. Your business might require these additional tables for its day-to-day activities.
Default Forms Displays new business logic or new objects in SAP Business One, based on existing functionality.