Use this window to record the amount of time you, and other users, spend working on each step of an implementation project. Multiple users can work on a step and split their working time across different sessions, and record each entry on a new line of the table.

To access this window, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose: Administration > System Initialization > Implementation Center > Implementation Project > Progress > and then click the corresponding Link Arrow link-arrow in the Actual Duration (Hours) column of the step for which you want to record time.


The date on which a user worked on the step.

Start Time
The time at which a user begins working on the step.

End Time
The time at which a user finished working on the step.

Duration (Hours)
The number of hours a user spent working on the step. The application automatically calculates this value according to the specified start and end times.

The name of the user who spent time working on the step.

Optional comments about the work performed on the step.

Display the total amount of time, in hours, that users have spent working on the step.