The status bar extends along the entire lower edge of the SAP Business One main window and contains various fields.

The bottom-left area of the status bar displays the following types of messages:

  • An error message appears over a red background and informs you that the procedure cannot continue until corrective action is taken.
  • An information message appears over a blue background and informs you about an issue that does not prevent the procedure from continuing.
  • A confirmation message appears over a green background and informs you about the successful execution of a procedure.

The bottom-left area also displays system information when you click into a field, or roll your mouse over a field in the active window. The system information will indicate the database table name for the field, the field name, index number and form ID. System information is only active when you enable View System Information from the menu bar.

The middle of the status bar contains the current date and time as defined in the server.

The top-left area displays important information about the active window. For example, when you move your cursor over an input field, text describing the input format and length appears.

The four boxes on the right-hand side of the status bar allow you to show data from up to four specific fields that you can select. The data is based on the reusable master data you selected and is updated depending on the active window. For example, to display the business partner balance in the status bar, open the customer master data window and drag the balance field using the left mouse click onto one of the boxes in the status bar. For drop down list fields, hold down the CTRL key first. Now, whenever you create a transaction for any business partner, the corresponding balance will appear in the status bar. To remove this selection, hold down the ALT key and click the status bar box.