The purpose of the site user is to provide an additional level of security for access to SAP Business One data when important administrative actions are performed. While the actions of an SAP Business One regular user or superuser apply at company or database level, the actions of the site user are valid at the customer site level, where one site can comprise a license server as well as multiple other servers.

The site user ID serves as site-level authentication for performing the following activities:

  • Configuring database credentials
  • Creating companies
  • Configuring services: for example, registering database servers and configuring their access credentials in the License Manager security settings
  • Registering add-ons
  • Upgrading companies
  • Updating read-only user passwords

A site user password is required for authentication against the license server during the following situations:

  • Configuring services using SAP Business One Service Manager
  • These services are SBO Backup, SBO DI Server, License Manager, and SBO Mailer.
  • Installing SAP Business One servers
  • Creating new companies on SAP Business One clients