In this window, you can create a new series, define the series numbering range, and define the strings, if required. In addition, for master data, you can link a series to a group, define the length of each number within the series, or make it unavailable; for documents, you can link a series to a period or a group, or make it unavailable.

Note: The Manual series of master data cannot be edited or deleted.

Note: To avoid overlaps with other series, you can add a prefix, a suffix, or both to the serial numbers of a series. For example, by adding a prefix MS to a series, you can avoid overlaps with any other series which do not have the same prefix, or which have the same prefix but have an additional suffix. For master data, you can also avoid overlaps by defining the number of digits a serial number contains. For example, a series whose number of digits is 5 can never overlap with a series whose number of digits is 6. You can define the last number of a series to restrict its numeric range and avoid overlaps.

To open the window, choose: Administration > System Initialization > Document Numbering, and double-click the row number.

Series Setup Fields

Displays the name of the series.

First No., Next No., Last No.
Define the first, next, and last numbers, so that SAP Business One can do the following:

  • Assign a serial number to the first document or master data within the series that you add to the system
  • Automatically add a sequential number
  • Set a limit to the numeric range of the series

String (Prefix, Suffix)
Enter the prefix and the suffix to have an additional identification of the series. For master data series, the prefix or suffix, if defined, is part of the business partner or item code.
Note: For numbering series of documents, prefixes and suffixes are relevant for printing only. For numbering series of master data, prefixes and suffixes help avoid overlaps with other series.

Enter any free text regarding the series.

Select a group to which you want to assign the series. However, manual series of master data cannot be assigned to groups.
Note: From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Authorizations  General Authorizations  . In the Authorizations window, you can assign authorization to users for specific groups of series.

Period Ind.
Select a period indicator to limit the series to a certain period.
Note: This column is not available for master data series.

No. of Digits
Specify the number of digits a serial number contains. This field is only available for master data series and its value should be greater than zero. For a master data serial number, with its number of digits defined, zeroes (0) work as placeholders when necessary. For example, if the first number is 1 and the number of digits is 6, the first serial number is 000001.

Available for selected marketing document series, but not for master data series.
Select this checkbox to dedicate the series to cancellation documents. By default, cancellation documents take numbers from the cancellation series with the lowest numeric range, even if you have specified a non-cancellation series as the default series. While both cancellation documents and non-cancellation documents can use numbers of non-cancellation series, only cancellation documents can use numbers of cancellation series. Therefore, in order to manage your documents more easily, we recommend that you add cancellation documents to cancellation series only.
Note: If you permit more than one document type per series, you can relate cancellation series only to such document types as A/R invoice, goods receipt PO, and so on. For more information, see Canceling Sales and Purchasing Documents.

Select to disable the selection of the series. Display Series Linked to Selected Period(s) Indicator
Select to display series only for a certain period.
Note: Master data series are by default not limited to any single period.

Display Confirmation Message when Adding Business Partner / Item for Non-Manual Series
Select to display a confirmation message when adding a serial business partner or item.