The user interface of Quick Copy provides you with a quick and easy way to copy data records from a source company database to a target company database.

To start Quick Copy, from the SAP Business One Main Menu choose: Administration > System Initialization > Implementation Center > Implementation Tasks. In the Implementation Tasks window, click Copy Data Between Companies.


User Interface
Quick Copy provides the following functionality:

  • Quick Copy Menu – Contains Quick Copy commands and functions.
  • Tool Bar – Contains icons for access to the most often used functions.
  • Quick Copy Window – The main window, in which you can copy data from a source to a target, that contains the following areas:
    • Options – Allows you to select the source or target, select a copy method, and configure various copy options.
    • Data Categories – Displays a tree that represents an SAP Business One static structure (note that the structure does not change from company to company). The tree contains the configuration components that you can choose to save or copy to a new company.
    • Data Details – Allows you to view or select specific records in the source. For example, you can view or select specific layouts or specific business partners. The data area also allows editing when appropriate.
  • Log Windows – Quick Copy includes several log windows, which display information about previous copy processes. For more information, see Working with the Quick Copy Log.