In SAP Business One you can use this function to transfer to cash account checks that have been deposited as postdated. Here’s how to deposit postdated checks:

1) In the Modules tab, navigate to Banking > Deposits > Postdated Check Deposit

Below is what the fields mean in the Postdated Check Deposit Window:

Type of Transaction

Similar Transaction
Key Successive number, starting from 1, for each postdated check deposit document.
Deposit Currency To display only checks created with one currency, specify this currency. If you choose a foreign currency, a field displaying the exchange rate appears. You can change the exchange rate if required.
Bank Account A/P credit memo
Date A/P invoice
Display Until A/R return
Find Check No. Delivery
Date, Account Code, Check, Bank, Branch, Acct No., Customer, Check Amount A/R credit memo
Primary Form Item A/R invoice
Total for Deposit Goods return based on goods receipt P/O
No. of Checks Goods receipt P/O based on goods return
Remarks Credit memo based on goods return
Reconcile Amounts After Deposit A/P invoice based on goods receipt P/O