The File menu is located in the main menu bar on the top of the main SAP Business One screen:


To understand the functions of the File menu of SAP Business One use the chart below:


What does it do?

Close Closes the current window.
Save as Draft Saves the document as a draft.
Page Setup Lets you change the orientation of text, select paper source and size, and adjust page margins.
Preview Provides a preview window displaying the open document or report based on the default layout. If the document or report has a layout created with the Crystal Reports software, version for the SAP Business One application as its default, the preview opens in Crystal Reports Viewer.
Preview Layouts Opens the Choose Layout window, displaying both Crystal Reports and PLD layouts. You can select a layout other than the default layout to view the open document or report. If you select a layout created with the Crystal Reports software, the document or report is displayed in Crystal Reports Viewer.
Print (Ctrl + P) Opens the standard Microsoft Windows Print window.
Select Layout and Print Opens the Choose Layout window, displaying both PLD (standard SAP Business One) layouts and layouts created with the Crystal Reports software. Select a layout, choose the OK button, and the standard Microsoft Windows Print window opens.

NOTE: When you select this option, no print preview appears.
Print Sequence Opens the Print Sequence window. Select a print sequence that you want to apply to the open document or report, and choose the Print button.
Send Sends messages, e-mails, SMS messages, and faxes directly from SAP Business One.

NOTE: You can send e-mails from SAP Business One only if the mailer service is installed. For more information, see the Administrator’s Guide, which you can access from the menu bar by choosing Help > Welcome Screen >Additional Documents

Export Exports data to the defined applications or XML, and converts layouts to PDF, text, unformatted text, or image.
Launch Application Starts an application from SAP Business One.
Lock Screen Prevents access to your active screen when you are not at your workstation.To unlock your session, enter your user name and password.
Exit (Ctrl + Q) Closes the SAP Business One application.