The Edit menu is located in the main menu bar on the top of the main SAP Business One screen:

Edit Menu in SAP Business One 9.0

To understand the functions of the Edit menu of SAP Business One use the chart below:

Option/Shortcut What does it do?
Undo (Ctrl + Z) Reverse your most recent action.
Redo (Ctrl + Shift + Z) Repeat an action that you just undid.
Cut (Ctrl + X) Remove data from one place in the document, in order to insert it elsewhere in the document.
Copy (Ctrl + C) Duplicate data to leave it where it is and also insert it elsewhere in the document.
Paste (Ctrl + V) Insert data, which you have cut or copied, at the required place in the document.
Delete (Del) Remove selected data from the document.
Select All Select the entire field.