The draw document wizard enables you to create a new document from an existing one by guiding you step by step through the process. It provides different options for customization and for altering data based on the target document you are creating and the source document you are using. For example, you can choose which exchange rate to apply or whether to also draw freight charges and withholding tax values from a base document to the target document.

Here’s how:

1) To go to the draw document wizard, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose either Sales A/R or Purchasing A/P.

2) Select the marketing document you want to create and specify the business partner code.

3) Choose Copy From and select a document type to draw.

The List of [document type] window of the selected document type appears. It displays the documents that can be drawn.

Note: Every marketing document allows drawing only specific document types. For example, you can draw only sales quotations to sales orders, and only deliveries to returns.

4) Select the document or documents to draw and choose the Choose button.

5) In the Draw Document Wizard window, select the required criteria.

If you selected Draw all Data (Freight and Withholding Tax), choose the Finish button and go to step 11. If you selected Customize, choose the Next button.

The rows included in the chosen base documents appear.

6) Choose the items you want to draw and make the necessary changes to the rows, quantities, or prices, if any.

If required, select Display BP Catalog Number.

7) If the drawn items are included in documents with freight, choose the Next button. Otherwise, choose the Finish button and go to step 11.

The Select Freight Charges to Copy window appears.

8) Make the required selection and, if the base document includes withholding tax, choose the Next button. Otherwise, choose the Finish button and go to step 11.

The Select WT Line to Copy window appears.

9) Verify that the proper values are displayed and make changes as necessary.

10) Choose the Finish button.

The chosen items are drawn and displayed in the new document.

Note: You can only reduce drawn quantities of legal documents (delivery, invoice, and so on). Therefore, to increase the quantity of a drawn item, add a new row to the document.

11) Proceed with the document as usual.