Use Drag & Relate to quickly produce reports and access information in SAP Business One. You drag master data or system setup data, for example, business partner master data, item groups, accounts or payment terms, and relate it to business process information, for example A/R invoices, deliveries, purchase orders, or service calls.

Here’s how:

1) From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose the Drag & Relate tab. All the menus available for Drag & Relate queries appear.

2) Click the folder icons to open the relevant menu. For example, to generate a report on all A/R invoices that were created for one particular customer, choose Business Partners and Sales – A/R.

3) Double-click the item Business Partners in the Business Partners folder. The Drag & Relate – Business Partners window appears and shows a list of all business partners in your company.

4) Place the mouse cursor on the BP Code field for the required business partner, hold the left mouse button until a black rectangle appears, drag this to   Sales A/R  A/R Invoice  , and release the mouse button.


If the result of a query is a single record, SAP Business One opens this record in a separate window. If more than one document matches the query criteria, the Drag & Relate window displays a report. If you have dragged an object incorrectly, or there are no matching query records, the error message No matching records found is displayed in the status bar.

Note: The current procedure is an example for using the Drag & Relate tool. Depending on the scenario and your objective, the steps of the procedure may vary.


This example explains how to find invoices for a specific payment term.

1) From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose: Modules > Administration > Setup > Business Partners > Payment Terms. The Payment Terms – Setup window appears.

2) Choose a payment term type according to which you perform the search, for example, Cash Basic.

3) Choose the Drag & Relate tab in the Main Menu.

4) Press the left-mouse button to select Cash Basic in the Payment Terms Code field. Drag Cash Basic to: Sales – A/R > A/R Invoice > in the Drag & Relate menu.

5) The Drag & Relate window appears with the list of A/R invoices, including details of document totals, status, and posting dates, in which Cash Basic payment terms were used.