You can use journal vouchers to review a batch of financial transactions before posting them. Before you post the entries as journal vouchers, you have the opportunity to edit, change, or delete entries, as required. Let’s consider a couple of situations in which you would use journal vouchers. Perhaps you’re training a new employee, and rather than risking that some or all of the new employee’s journal entries might have to be reversed, you can allow the new employee to create journal vouchers that you can review. This eliminates the risk that the new employee could post incorrect journal entries that would have to be reversed later. You can also use journal vouchers to perform what-if analyses. You can run the cash flow report and include open journal vouchers to determine the effect of the postings before you actually post them.

In other systems, a journal voucher is used sometimes used for a single journal entry. In SAP Business One, a journal voucher is always used for a batch of transactions, meaning that you enter multiple journal entries in one voucher. When you post the voucher to the general ledger, all the journal entries contained in the voucher are posted together.

To create a journal voucher, go to: Main Menu > Financials > Journal Vouchers