An accounting document is a logistics document recording a business transaction that generates journal entries, that is, postings to accounts.

If you add accounting documents or manual journal entries to SAP Business One, transaction amounts are posted to various cost centers according to the distribution rules defined for the G/L accounts.

At times, you may want to use a different distribution rule for a transaction. For example, if you have some cleaning work done that also involves renovation, you might want to post the expenses not to your usual cleaning expense account, but to a different account. In such a case, you need to change the distribution rule specified in the accounting document or manual journal entry.

Step by Step:

1) On the Table Format tab of the Form Settings window for the accounting document or manual journal entry, select the Visible and Active checkboxes for the Distr. Rule column.

Note: If you selected the In Separate Columns radio button on the Cost Accounting tab of the General Settings window in: Administration > System Initialization > General Settings, select the two checkboxes for the XXX column, where XXX is the description of active dimensions.

The column appears on the Contents tab of the accounting document or in the Journal Entry window.

2) In the Distr. Rule or XXX field of the row for which you want to change the distribution rule, specify a different distribution rule.

3) To save your changes, choose the Update button.