(Use this Method to Transfer Inventory from the Warehouse into Production)

SAP > Inventory > Inventory Transactions > Goods Issue

How to Transfer Inventory to the Production Floor in SAP Business One

1. Enter the Date of the Inventory to Production Floor Transfer

2. Enter a Reference for future reference

3. Enter Item Number or Item Description, tab

a. The other will automatically fill in for you

4. Enter the Quantity you are sending to the production floor, tab

5. Enter in Remarks: remarks to stay with this Good Issue Receipt

6. Enter in Journal Remark: to be included in General Ledger Log

7. Add


8. Enter Quantity of Inventory to Production Transfer, on the Available Batches, tab

9. Click on the Line and press the arrow to the right to move items to Selected Batches

10. Update

11. OK

12. Add