Use this tab to manage general settings for the cockpit and dashboards widgets. For more information about how to use the cockpit, see Working with the Cockpit.

To access this tab, choose: Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Cockpit

Enable Cockpit at Company Level

  • Select this checkbox to enable the cockpit at company level. After the cockpit is enabled at company level, company users can decide individually whether to work with the cockpit or not.
  • Deselect this checkbox to disable the cockpit at company level. This prevents all the users in the company from viewing or accessing the cockpit, even if they have enabled the cockpit for themselves.

Enable Dashboard Widget
Enables the display of dashboards at the company level.

B1i Server Address
Specify the address of the B1i server.
The server you specify can be either a secure server or a non-secure server.
Note: To enable the display of dashboards at the company level, you must also select the Enable Dashboard Widget checkbox.