The following table describes the fields that appear on the Accounting Data tab in the Company Details window.

To access this window, choose: Administration > System Initialization > Company Details > Accounting Data.

Company Details: Accounting Data Tab

Tax Office
Enter the name of the tax office responsible for your advance return for tax on sales/purchases here.

Federal Tax ID 1, 2, 3
Enter your tax number for the tax on sales/purchases and a second or third identification if necessary.

Additional ID
Enter an additional ID number for the company.
For example, the tax authority identifies the company as part of a group of companies by this number.

Company Tax Rate
Enter the percentage of tax that must be withheld from amounts paid to the company.

Exemption Number
If the company has a tax exemption number, enter that number in this field.

Tax Deduction Number
Enter your corporate tax number.
This tax number is used to report data associated with the business function. For example, this number might be used to report information such as location, employment, and industry of the branches to environmental authorities.

Tax Official
Enter the name of the tax official with whom the company is associated.

Select a set of company holiday dates as defined in the Holiday Dates window.
To define a new set of dates, select Define New.