1) Administration > Set Up > Banking > Payment Methods

a. An Outgoing Payment method must be set up for each checking account that will be used for the Payment Wizard

2) Administration > Set Up > Banking > Payment Run Defaults

a. Choose Payment Methods

i. Each Payment Wizard Account must be checked

3) Business Partners Master Data > Payment System Tab

a. Check all applicable Payment Methods
b. Choose one method as default

4) A/P Invoice

a. If you made any changes after entering an invoice, you must go back to the Invoice > Accounting Tab > and update the outgoing payment method
b. The Payment Method MUST match

5) Banking > Outgoing Payments

a. Outgoing Payments and the Payment Wizard are two SEPARATE payment applications, they cannot be used together.. you can only use one at a time

6) Banking > Payment Wizard

a. The Payment Wizard is used if NO PREVIOUS payment method has been established