This articles assumes that:

  •     You have created one or several purchase quotation documents for your planned purchase.
  •     You have sent the purchase quotation documents to the vendor(s).
  •     You have received replies from the vendors detailing the conditions of their offers.

Here’s how:

1) Choose: Purchasing – A/P > Purchase Quotation > and open the relevant document.

2) Enter the information provided by the vendor and fill in the following fields:

Field Description
Quoted Date Date by which the vendor claims to deliver the goods included in the purchase quotation.
Quoted Qty Number of goods that the vendor can deliver at the conditions quoted.
Unit Price Price per unit at which the vendor intends to sell the item.


3) To close the document, choose Update and OK.


What happens:

You can use the updated purchase quotation documents to compare the offers and find the best deal for your requirements. For more information, see Comparing Purchase Quotations.