Step One – Posting Incoming Payments

This step records the payment to the customer (removes from Aging) it DOES NOT deposit the payment into your bank account

Banking > Incoming Payments > Incoming Payments

1. Choose the Customer you have received payment for

2. Posting Date = the GL Posting Date

3. Reference = Optional – Internal Note

4. Select the Invoice(s) is payment being applied against

Incoming Payments, SAP Business One

5. Right Click and Choose “Payment Means”

Incoming Payments Screen, SAP Business One

6. Choose your Incoming Payment Method Tab (Check, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Cash)

7. Enter the Check Amount

8. Enter the Check Number

9. Ensure the Balance Due is Blank (for zero, this matches the first screen)

10. Choose OK when complete

Payment Means Screen, SAP Business One

11. Choose “ADD” when complete

Incoming Payments Screen, SAP Business One


Step 2 – Depositing Incoming Payments This Step records the Incoming Payment to your Bank Account

Banking > Deposits > Deposit

1. Choose the Incoming Payment Method (Checks, Credit Card, Cash)

2. Deposit Date = the date the Deposit was made to the Bank (this posts the cash to the GL on this same date)

3. Choose the Bank Account the Deposit is being made to

Deposit Screen, SAP Business One

4. Select the Checks you are depositing

a. Use your Shift Key to choose in a Range (for example 1-12)
b. Use your Control Key to choose Haphazardly (for example 3,6,7,9,12)

5. Confirm the “Total” Matches your deposit

6. Choose “ADD” when Complete