You can perform semiautomatic external reconciliations for business partner transactions and for G/L accounts. The reconciliation is done manually, based on recommendations provided by SAP Business One. The process for semiautomatically reconciling business partner transactions and semiautomatically reconciling G/L accounts is similar.

Note” If bank statement processing is activated in SAP Business One, you must perform external reconciliations directly within the bank statement processing functionality. Do not use this function to reconcile transactions from your bank statements.

Step-by-step Instructions

1) From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose: Banking > Bank Statements and External Reconciliations > Reconciliation.

The External Reconciliation – Selection Criteria window appears.

2) To specify whether to reconcile transactions of a business partner or a G/L account, from the Select Source dropdown list select Business Partner or G/L Account.

3) Choose the Semi-Automatic radio button and specify the selection criteria.

4) To generate the reconciliation recommendations, choose the Reconcile button.

The Reconciliation window appears. In the Open Transactions in Books and the Open Transactions in External Statement tables, SAP Business One displays the list of transactions with unreconciled amounts greater than zero.

5) View the displayed information for each transaction.

Note: To perform manual reconciliations not based on the recommendations, choose the Manual button. The External Reconciliation window appears.

6) To see a list of recommended reconciliations, double-click a transaction row.

The Reconciliation Recommendations window appears.

SAP Business One displays the selected transaction and below it a separate list of reconciliation recommendations for the selected transaction, sorted in order of rank starting from the highest rank. The rank reflects the level of matching between the selected transaction and the proposed transactions. It is calculated according to the parameters and the priority weighting you specified in the External Reconciliation – Selection Criteria window.

7) To select a recommendation from the list of reconciliation recommendations, click once in the row of the desired recommendation.

To perform the reconciliation, choose the Reconcile button.

Note: If you choose to reconcile transactions with an amount difference (based on the recommendations), the Journal Entry window appears. You must create the respective balancing transaction to complete the reconciliation.

If you decide not to reconcile the transaction that appears at the top of the window and instead want to display the next transaction in the Reconciliation window, choose the Skip button. SAP Business One then displays the next transaction in the first row of the window.


SAP Business One reconciles the selected transactions.