Below are instructions for how to pay for A/P invoices on a credit card (assuming the A/P Invoice has been created).

1) Navigate to: Financials > Select Journal Entry


2) Enter the following information:

  • Posting Date
  • Due Date
  • Doc. Date
  • Remarks (reference that the vendor is being paid by credit card and the invoice # being paid)
  • G/L Acct/BP Code (credit card vendor)
  • Credit Amount (amount of the invoice being paid)
  • G/L Acct/BP Code (vendor being paid by credit card)
  • Debit Amount (amount of the invoice being paid)

Click Add


3) Go to Business Partners and reconcile the inventory vendor to clear the open invoice against the credit card payment

4) Enter the remainder of the A/P Invoice for the credit card vendor: Go to Purchasing – A/P and Select A/P Invoice


5) Enter the Vendor / Vendor Ref. No. / Description / G/L Account / Total for that line item / Dates / Any other information you may need

Click Add

6) Navigate to: Banking > Outgoing Payments > Outgoing Payments


7) Enter the Vendor / Select the Invoices to be paid / Then Select Payment Means


8) Enter the Payment Means Information such as Amount depending on the type of payment and Select OK


9) Select Add to add the Outgoing Payment


10) Lastly, print the check