Before you can begin paying any invoices via Credit Card, you must set up a Credit Card as a payment method

Administration > Set Up > Banking > Credit Cards

How to Pay a Vendor via Credit Card

It is recommended to use a specific Credit Card GL Account Number or a Credit Card Clearing GL Account Number (this will make paying the Credit Card Invoice easier, when the invoice comes in)
Set up the Credit Card Payment Method (Payment Due Dates)

Administration > Setup > Banking > Credit Card Payment Methods

  1. Name = Could be a Term Code or Credit Card Name
  2. Card = is the Payment Method for a Specific Credit Card or All Credit Cards
  3. Payment Code = the same concept as Payment Terms
  4. Min. Credit Voucher = to set a minimum Credit Card Charge amount (for example: you don’t want to take any credit card orders less than $100.00)
  5. Min. Payment = to set a minimum payment amount
  6. Without Approval = to set a max limit of credit card charges without calling the credit card company for approval
  7. Payments:
    1. Yes = to allow installment payments
    2. No = No installment payments allowed
    3. CR = an agreement made with the credit card company that the company receives the payment in full and the credit card company charges the customers card in installments

How to Pay a Vendor via Credit Card

  1. Enter A/P Invoices
    1. Purchasing – A/P > A/P Invoice
  2. When you’re ready to pay the Invoice
    1. Banking > Outgoing Payments > Outgoing Payments
    2. When choosing your “Payment Means” select “Credit Card”
      1. Choose the Credit Card Name you are using to pay the invoice
      2. Choose the G/L Credit Card Account or G/L Credit Card Clearing Account
      3. Enter the Amount you are paying
      4. Enter the payment Date
      5. Choose “OK”
    3. Add you payment
  3. The Invoice now shows “Closed”
  4. The Credit Card G/L Account now reflects the balances of the Invoices paid

When you receive the Credit Card Invoice:

  1. Enter the Credit Invoice as a normal Payable (using the Credit Card Name as the Vendor)
    1. Enter the Invoice as a “Service Invoice”
    2. Choose the Credit Card G/L Account or the G/L Credit Card Clearing Account (the account you set up for AP Credit Card Payments)
    3. Enter the Amount of the Invoice (matching the Credit Card Invoice)
  2. Pay your Credit Card Invoice using your usual Payment Processing Method
    1. The G/L Credit Card / Clearing Out has been reduced by your payment amount