1. Log Into SAP

2. Select Administration

3. Select System Initialization

4. Select Authorizations

5. Select General Authorizations

Your screen should look like this: Authorizations Window, SAP Business One
6. Select the User that you’d like to modify (on the left side of the window)

a. Select the “Subject” you wish to modify

  • The Subject mirrors SAP’s Main Menu
  • It includes the Main Menu and each Sub-Menu

Your screen should look something like this: Authorizations Window, SAP Business One

b. Select the Authorization Level desired for selected user.

Authorization Meanings:

  • Full Authorization
  • Gives the User Full Authorization for that particular Subject
  • All “Super Users” will have Full Authorization to every module
  • Read – Only
  • Gives the User Read Only Access to that particular Subject
  • No Authorization
  • The user will not be able to access the Subject

NOTE: The subject can also be removed from the User’s Sign On

  1. To remove a Subject / Menu Option from the User
    1. Sign on as the User
    2. Select “Form Settings” Icon from the Tool Bar
    3. Uncheck the Menu / Subject from being visable
    4. Remember to change the authorization to “No Authorization” for the selected Menu / Subject

Screen Shot of Removing Menu Options: Form Settings Main Menu, SAP Business One

Authorizations Window, SAP Business One

Copying another User’s rights / authorizations:

Sometimes Users may share similar responsibilities. Once a User authorization has been established, you can copy that User’s authorizations to another user, to do this:

  • Click and Hold the Users Name you want to copy from
    • In a moment, a box will appear around the users name
    • Don’t let go!
  • Drag that box to the User you want to copy the authorizations to
    • Let go
  • Select “Copy” to mirror Authorization privileges
  • Select Update to close screen and save changes