Some transactions recur monthly or weekly. The transaction amounts may not be the same each time and the percentages may not necessarily be fixed (although they recur on dates that are known in
advance and are usually made up of the same G/L accounts). You use recurring journal entries for expenses such as depreciation, equipment lease payments, payroll, and office rent and utility costs.

To access recurring postings, go to: Main Menu > Financials > Recurring Postings.

When you define a recurring posting you must specify all the accounts or business partners, as well as actual amounts. You will determine the frequency and the expiration of the recurring posting. The system will duplicate the original posting each time the date arrives, and will allow you to either add the posting as is, or modify it before the final posting to the general ledger.

Another way to work with a recurring posting is to set the frequency to Template, and then use the recurring posting as a template each time you post a manual journal entry.