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Outgoing Payments Screenshot, SAP Business One

Outgoing Payments Screenshot, SAP Business One

  1. Select Vendor
  2. Select Invoice to pay
  3. Choose the Payment Means
    1. Select the Payment Means Tab (or Right Click in a Gray Area and choose “Payment Means”)
  4. Choose the Payment Method Tab
  • Check
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Cash

Outgoing payment by Bank Transfer / Wire

Outgoing Payments by Bank Transfer or Wire, SAP Business One

  1. Choose the G/L Account number the payment is coming out of
  2. Enter the date of the Transfer
  3. Enter a Reference that will stay attached to the payment record
  4. Enter the Amount of the Transfer
  5. Click “OK when complete
  6. Choose “Add” from the “Outgoing Payments” Window