Forcing SAP Users off of the Database

1. Log Into the Remote Terminal Desktop (as if your working away from the office)

a. Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection

2. From inside Save On’s Remote Desktop

a. Open (Double Click) “SQL Server Management Studio” (a shortcut on the desktop)
b. Login = sa
c. Password = SAPB1Admin
d. Connect

SQL Database User Session, SAP Business One


3. From the Main Page > Click on the Icon for “Activity Monitor”

SQL Activity Monitior, SAP Business One


4. Choose the Database Name

5. Open the “Processes” Window

SQL Processes, SAP Business One


6. Click on the Database Drop Down

7. You can only work on one database at a time

SQL Processes, SAP Business One


8. The “Host Name” is who is logged in

SQL Processes, SAP Business One


9. To “terminate” the open session

a. Right Click on the line and choose “Kill Process”

SQL Kill Processes, SAP Business One


10. You will receive a warning message, asking you if your sure you want to kill Session ID 52.. say yes..

11. You will have to do this process for all Save On Databases

d. SOSTEST_9-13-2011
e. SOSTEST_9-9-11

12. Once you’ve closed all open sessions, you should be able to modify the UDF

a. Logistics on SVR08 is permanently running, so you could see the System Message Below

13. Choose “Yes”

User Defined Fields Management, SAP Business One


14. Continue updating Server

a. If SVR08 / Logistics message appears, choose YES
i. If you choose Yes while other users are logged in and working.. you will cause SAP to crash.. LISA to crash.. and a lot of lost work..