The serial number transactions report displays all transactions made for each serial number-managed item currently in the system and those that have been released in the past.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1) Choose: Inventory > Inventory Reports > Serial Number Transactions Report. The Serial Number Transactions Report – Selection Criteria window appears.

Note: After generating inventory receipt documents and inventory issue documents, you can also display the serial number transactions report linked to the document by opening the required document and choosing Serial Numbers Transactions Report from the Goto menu. Alternatively, right-click the window and select Serial Numbers Transactions Report. The report displays all the serial numbers linked to the document.

2) Specify the following data to determine which transactions to display in the report:

Item Number from … To > Specify a range of item codes.
Group > Select item groups.
Properties > Select item properties in the Properties dialog.

  • On the Dates tab, set the range of dates based on posting dates, release dates, expiration dates, creation dates, or the start and end dates of the warranty for the report.
  • On the Numberings tab, specify the appropriate number ranges.
  • On the Warehouse tab, specify selection criteria by the warehouse location of the serial number.
  • On the BP tab, specify the selection criteria by the business partners against whom the serial number transactions are performed.
  • On the Documents tab and subtabs, define for which documents the serial number transactions are to be displayed, and whether transactions from closed documents are to be displayed.

3) To generate the report, choose the OK button. The Serial Number Transactions Report window appears.