Use this procedure to automatically export and import foreign currency exchange rates and indexes, from one company to another in SAP Business One.

Note: The database of the source (exporting) company and that of the target (importing) company must both be stored on the same database server.

Here’s how:

1) Enter the company from which you want to perform the export.

2) Choose: Administration > Exchange Rates and Indexes, and select either the Indexes or Exchange Rates tab, according to the data you want to export.

3) From the dropdown list, choose the required year; and on the Exchange Rates tab, the month, so the data you need to export is displayed.

4) Select the columns you want to export by clicking their headers. Use either the Ctrl or Shift function to select multiple columns. Choose Auto. Export.

5) Choose Continue when the following message appears: Export selected exchange rates/indexes to common table?

6) Choose: Administration > Choose Company, and select the company to which you want to import the data.

7) In the Define Foreign Currency Exchange Rate window, select the relevant tab.

8) Select the columns to which the data should be imported, and then choose Auto. Import. The exported values are now displayed in the selected columns.

Note: You import data only for the same columns as those from which the export is done. For example, if you export exchange rates for Dollar, you can import only into the Dollar column in the target company. If you choose the Euro column in the target company, nothing happens.

9) Choose Update to save the data.