You can create a percentage-based posting template for journal entries requiring a format that:

  •     Includes the same accounts and/or business partners
  •     Is characterized by a specific ratio of amounts

Here’s how:

1) From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose: Financials > Posting Templates.

2) The Posting Templates window appears.

3) Specify a unique code and description for the template.

4) In the table area, specify the G/L accounts and/or business partners for inclusion in the template.

Note: The default control accounts for the business partners included in the posting template can be changed; therefore, journal entries based on this template are posted to the selected control accounts.

5) For each G/L account/business partner, specify the ratio that reflects the debit or credit amount in the transaction.

Note: The total percentage in the debit and credit sides must be equal, though it need not be 100%.

6) Choose Add.

What Happens

The posting template is saved in the database and can be updated.