You can manually create journal entries by using previously defined posting templates

1) From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose: Financials > Journal Entry. The Journal Entry window appears.

2) In the Template Type field, select the required category

  • Percentage – to use a template defined in: Financials > Posting Templates
  • Recurring Posting – to use a template defined in: Financials > Recurring Postings

3) In the Template field, press TAB to open a list of available templates of the selected template type.

Note: Choosing the Recurring Posting template type displays a list of instances of the recurring posting templates.

4) Select the required posting template or instance:

  • Selecting Posting Template displays the G/L accounts and/or business partner codes in the table area, together with the respective percentages representing the amounts of debit and credit.
  • Selecting a Recurring Posting instance displays the complete journal entry in the window, including all G/L accounts, and/or business partners and amounts. You can change the amounts, as necessary.

5) If you selected Posting Template, enter the relevant amount in one of the rows and press TAB. The amounts in the remaining rows are updated accordingly.

6) Enter any other details that might be required, such as reference numbers, and check the dates.

7) Choose Add.