In SAP Business One you can create A/R invoices based on existing A/R down payment invoices. This would be necessary when goods or services that were ordered are fully delivered, a partial payment was received, and now the customer should be invoiced.

Here’s how:

1) From SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Sales – A/R  A/R Invoice  . The A/R Invoice window appears.

2) Specify the customer for whom the A/R invoice is created. At the bottom of the window, choose Copy From. If the sales order for which the A/R invoice is created was already copied to delivery, click Deliveries, if not, click Sales Orders. A list of documents to copy appears.

3) Choose the required document(s), and make the relevant choices in the Draw Document Wizard. The data from the selected documents appears in the A/R Invoice.

4) If the copied document(s) is linked to an A/R down payment invoice, the amount of the A/R down payment invoice is automatically displayed in the Total Down Payment field. Otherwise, this field is empty. To link specific A/R down payment invoice(s) to the A/R invoice, choose theBrowse (Browse) button next to the Total Down Payment field. The Down Payments to Draw window appears.

5) Mark the A/R down payments invoice(s) you want to draw and adjust the amount to be drawn if required (the drawn amount can be equal or smaller than the open amount of the A/R down payment invoice), and choose OK. The cumulative amount marked is copied to the Total Down Payment field in the A/R invoice. This field is read-only.

Note: The total down payment amount can be equal or smaller than the total amount of the A/R invoice.

You can draw to the A/R invoice A/R down payment invoice(s) created for documents that are not the base documents copied. This might occur if a customer placed several sales orders and paid a down payment for each one. Eventually one of the sales orders was cancelled. The A/R down payment invoice and the incoming payment were not cancelled, and therefore can be used.

6) To add the A/R invoice, choose Add.

What happens

Once you add the A/R invoice the following happens:

  • The base document is updated accordingly (if it was fully copied it is closed, otherwise the open quantities and amounts are updated).
  • If the A/R down payment was fully drawn, its status turns to Closed. Otherwise, the balance due and the applied amount are updated according to the amount drawn.
  • The total amount of the A/R invoice is calculated as follows: (total after discount + freight charges + tax) – total down payment.